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PyraBIM is a tech start-up which supports construction and public works players in the deployment of innovative technologies for their activities. Whether you are a designer, a project manager or a builder, we bring you solutions that adapt to your organisation and are economically realistic.

Thanks to our systemic approach and with our mastery of data from BIM and IOT, we develop software, processes, and manage the technological aspect of your construction projects.

With PyraBIM, you can achieve ambitious goals in terms of economy, energy, and environmental issues, automating redundant tasks so you can focus on your core business: building.


Software development

Software Development

PyraBIM writes customized software to visualize your models in IFC format, correct your models with performant algorithms, extract information, and verify compliance of your project with the regulations.

We also allow you to automate processes within your modeling software such as Revit or ArchiCAD, through the development of plugins.

BIM Coordination

BIM Coordination

PyraBIM carries out the BIM management of your construction projects.

Thanks to our experience in the field and our partners, we draw up the BIM specifications of your project in line with your BIM processes, as well as a the BIM Execution Plan centralizing modeling and exchange rules.

We also help you set up a platform to work collaboratively, "raison d'être" of BIM, and organize BIM meetings.

BIM Transition

BIM transition

PyraBIM supports you in the deployment of a BIM strategy within your company.

We take into account your objectives as well as your organizational, technical, and financial constraints, in order to provide you with concrete and non gadgetary answers.

We also offer pedagogical support for your teams for understanding the new technologies associated with construction and their challenges.



PyraBIM makes innovation possible for your business.

We offer partnerships to develop out-of-the-box solutions.

We bring futuristic technologies on experimental projects: AI, IOT, Blockchain...

Whatever your position is in the construction value chain, you can benefit from technological power.


We use performant algorithms to check and correct the models...

Extract the inclined beams
Extract the facade walls
Display MEP models
Display Structural elements

...and then integrate these algorithms into applications for projects and organizations.

Display 3D models and their data
Inspect building components
Enter rooms in immersive view
Display city models


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